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The Department of Enterprise Risk and Insurance’s (ERI) mission is to reduce the probability of risks to person, property, and business by safeguarding the university and its community as a whole. ERI provides centralized and independent oversight of the University of Louisville’s Enterprise Risk program. ERI manages and administers various insurance policies including but not limited to general, property, automobile, and professional liability, along with workers' compensation. Additionally, ERI provides the policy and oversight to all university sponsored programming involving minors. Through collaboration with all departments, ERI evaluates and assists in the mitigation of potential risks and promotes a culture of proactive risk management throughout the University.

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Enterprise Risk Services:

A contract review is a thinking process- a rational analysis for contracts. This process includes: clarifying contract related facts, measure of the feasibility of a contract, and forecasting any contract risks. Contracts play a crucial role in management, operations, and business activities which deeply impact the legitimate rights of the University and other parties involved. Therefore, we must take contract review very seriously. Enterprise Risk will make a formal review of any contract submitted. This review will include but not be limited to the following:

  • Review of Subject Matter
  • Review of General Information
  • Review of Qualifications
  • Review of Insurance language
  • Review of Credibility and Contractual Capacity

Here is a contract review checklist provided by United Educators for things to consider when entering any contract. The checklist is not intended to be an exhaustive list or a replacement of a formal contract review but to provide general guidance. If you would like to have a contract reviewed by our office please complete form below and we will get back with you soon.

For a review by Enterprise Risk, please allow a minimum of three to five business days for a completed review. Be sure to include this time in your planning phases. If there is an urgent matter please complete the Service Request form below and reach out to our staff directly.

Contract Review Request

Enterprise risk and loss prevention are about analyzing, assessing, handling, preventing, reducing, and controlling those risk which have an impact on the University’s person, property, or business. Risk Assessments are the basis for a systematic analysis of potential future events that may negatively impact the University.

Our Risk Assessments will determine possible risk, their likelihood and consequences and the tolerance for such events. The ability to anticipate future events and create effective strategies for mitigating them when deemed unacceptable is vital. Some of the steps we will take include but are not limited to the following:

  • Establish the context. This restricts the range of hazards to be considered.
  • Identification of visible and implied risks that may threaten the project and determining the qualitative nature of the potential adverse consequences of each risk. Without a potential adverse consequence, there is no risk.
  • Identify the potential parties or assets which may be affected by the risk, and the potential consequences to them if the risk occurs.
  • Determine if the consequences are dependent on dose, (i.e. the amount of exposure). This is the general case for many health risks where the mechanism of injury is toxicity or repetitive injury, particularly where the effect is cumulative.
  • Determine if the consequences may either occur or not, and if severity may be extremely variable when the triggering conditions are the same. In these cases, estimates will be made of likely consequences and associated probability of occurrences.

If there is an event, program, or operations change our team will provide a Risk Assessment to help put preventative measures in place to protect all University persons, properties, and business. Please complete the form below to request a Risk Assessment. Someone from our team will reach back out to you within two business days. If there is an urgent matter please complete the form below and reach out directly.

Risk Assessment Request

Site surveys require a holistic approach adapted to particular departments, procedures and facilities. Site surveys cover all those areas of the University in which potential physical risk might arise such as building damage, environmental damage, storage of items, fire safety, tripping hazards, etc.

On a periodic basis the Enterprise Risk team completes site surveys throughout campus for the purpose of identifying relevant hazards and and make recommendations for control measures. However, if you see damage or recognize a potential hazard please complete the form below and we will investigate the site. If this is an urgent matter please complete the form and reach out to our team directly.

Site Survey Request

In order to help protect the University’s persons, properties and business, we ask that individuals, in or outside of the University community, participating in events, field trips or activities, that are outside of their normal scope with the University, sign a Participation and Release form. Each department or program director should create a supplemental addendum describing the potential risks as a result of an individual’s participation in the event, field trip or activity. Click the button below for the Participation and Release form. If you have additional questions please reach out to us directly.

Participation and Release Form

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