Risk Management conscientiously carries out various risk management functions for the university to reduce the probability of injury to people and financial loss to university.  Risk Management administers various insurance programs for the university, including general liability insurance, property insurance, automobile insurance, professional liability and workers' compensation.  As part of Risk Management's overall goal to safeguard the resources of the university, Risk Management works with University of Louisville Police Department, University Counsel's Office, and numerous other university departments to evaluate potential hazards.

Risk Management responsibilities include:

  • Provide risk assessments for special events, such as university programs, student events, department activities
  • Review contracts and leases for insurance requirements and potential risk to the university
  • Process university claims and litigation
  • Develop loss control procedures for university departments
  • Implement risk identification, measurement and evaluation procedures
  • Obtain and administer commercial insurance
  • Provide waivers and releases for university activities
  • Provide certificates of insurance
  • Educate the university community regarding potential sources of risk and methods to mitigate those risks