Sept 22, 2021: Neuroscience and Epidemiology of Drug Addiction


  • 4 pm: Justin Yates, Northern Kentucky University Psychological Sciences, Contribution of NMDA NR2B subunit to risky choice and economic demand for Cocaine
  • 4:15 pm: Mark Bardgett, Northern Kentucky University Psychological Sciences, Long-term effects early-life antipsychotic drug treatment
  • 4:30 pm: Brad Kraemer, Eastern Kentucky University Biological Sciences, Effects of p75NTR on Oxidative Stress-Induced Degeneration of NMS Neurons
  • 4:45 pm: Bikram Subedi, Murray State University Chemistry, Determination of the prevalence of controlled neuropsychiatric drugs using waste-water epidemiology and its potential correlation with the conventional survey-based estimation