Religious and Spiritual Life

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Faith-based RSOs at University of Louisville

For many students, attending college marks the first time away from their home or religious community. This can be a unique time of asking questions, seeking new answers to old questions, and developing a faith community apart from your family. No matter your faith tradition, you can find a faith-based recognized student organization (RSO) on campus to help you grow in or explore your beliefs. At the bottom of this page is information on the faith-based RSOs at University of Louisville. You can find a comprehensive list of RSOs in Engage. These other places of worship are near campus and/or are representative of the diverse faith communities in Louisville.

Prayer/Meditation Spaces on Campus

The University of Louisville supports students who would like to use spaces throughout the campus for prayer or meditation. The following are available:

Religious Life Association

The Religious Life Association (RLA) is a diverse group of faith-based RSOs with religious advisors/campus ministers who come alongside students to provide mentorship and spiritual direction. We share with the University of Louisville a commitment to the pursuit of a vibrant campus life and the holistic development of persons: spiritually, physically, intellectually, emotionally, and socially. If you have questions, email Brian Hinton, the RLA convener, or Heather Gentry, the university liaison to the RLA.

Baha'i Campus Association

Baha'i Campus Association Website

The Baha'i Campus Association's purpose is to bring people of all backgrounds together in a spirit of fellowship and unity to play a part in the betterment of the world. Some activities include learning seminars, community service, interfaith devotionals, and Ruhi study circles. Membership is open to all and is not confined to the members of the Baha'i Faith.

Black Diamond Choir

Black Diamond Choir Website
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The Black Diamond Choir is meant to engage students in a productive & enjoyable environment, where their vocal abilities are developed and advanced, where they are effectively demonstrating and performing gospel music, and where long lasting friendships are developed. BDC opens the door for members to explore the unique art and history of gospel music, while building strong relationships with one another.

Bless Your Spirit

Bless Your Spirit Website
Bless Your Spirit Email

Our mission is to empower our community by hosting various workshops on self-love, self-esteem, and self respect. Through the art of music we are able to build connections and create a holistic approach of healing for people to be vulnerable in a safe and inclusive environment. Bless Your Spirit is spreading the love of Christ through action. We partner with local organizations through creative events hosted by B.Y.S. to make sure each person in our community finds their purpose in Kingdom Building. We instill key principles such as service, accountability, leadership and teachings. Our core values are Spiritual development, Empowerment, Mentorship, and Fellowship.

Baptist Campus Ministry

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Baptist Campus Ministry Website

The Baptist Campus Ministry (BCM) is a Christian organization providing opportunities for Christian growth and fellowship. It also seeks to be a witness for Jesus Christ on campus. The BCM is not a club with membership requirements or dues. People become involved by participating in programs interesting to them. Everyone is invited to be involved in any program!

Cards Across Campus/
Cardinal Christian Fellowship

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Email Cards Across Campus/Cardinal Christian Fellowship

Campus Outreach exists to multiply Christ-Like disciples for the glory of God. Feel free to learn more online or by coming to one of our weekly gatherings or small groups.

Catholic Campus Ministry

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Catholic Campus Ministry Website
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The Catholic Campus Ministry at UofL is a Newman Center - a place to encounter the love of Jesus Christ, go to Mass on Sundays and during the week, hang out, have a free dinner, meet new friends, and learn more about the Bible and living out our faith. We carry on the tradition of student centered ministry begun by Cardinal Newman in 1851. We also treasure our uniquely Roman Catholic spiritual heritage centered on the Eucharist, the compatibility of faith and reason, community, mission, and service. The community gathers for Mass each Sunday at 5:00 PM in the Interfaith Center followed by a community dinner, and there are student-led small groups, Bible studies, and social activities throughout the week and hikes, retreats, conferences, and trips each semester to help you grow closer to God and your brothers and sisters in Christ.

Christian Legal Society

Christian Legal Society Website
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The Christian Legal Society (“CLS”) is an Illinois non-profit corporation with its principal offices in Springfield, Virginia, that exists to inspire, encourage, and equip lawyers and law students, both individually and in the community, to proclaim, love and serve Jesus Christ through the study and practice of law, the defense of religious freedom, and the provision of legal assistance to the poor.

Christian Medical Dental Association

Christian Medical Dental Association Website
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We exist to train and equip medical and dental students to be Christian doctors and dentists.

COGIC Campus Ministry

COGIC Campus Ministry Website

COGIC Campus Ministry is an organization striving to assist the college student in perfecting their faith in the walk with Jesus Christ. We believe in the foundational teaching of Jesus Christ and the Holy Bible and have a firm belief that by encouraging students in their faith there will also be academic success.


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Cru Website
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Campus Crusade for Christ (Cru) is a Christian organization dedicated to reaching our campus. We hope to provide students with an awareness of Christian beliefs through studying the Bible, meeting together regularly, talking about who Christ is, and having fellowship with other believers. We are captivated by Christ and compelled to make Him known on our campus and across the world through our mission of win, build, send.

Delight Ministries

Delight Ministries Website
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Delight seeks to establish a college women’s community that grows together, serves together, learns together, and does life together while chasing the heart of God. Delight is intentional about learning from one another through stories and experiences while potentially discovering or continuing to grow in relationships with Christ.

Episcopal Campus Ministry

Episcopal Campus Ministry Website
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The Episcopal Campus Ministry at U of L is a ministry of the Episcopal Diocese of Kentucky, but welcomes everybody, regardless of religious affiliation, including those with no religious background at all. We provide a safe and loving environment for people to build lasting friendships, ask questions, and support one another as we make our spiritual journeys together. We are a Christian group, but our focus is on conversation rather than conversion.

Fellowship of Christian Queers

Fellowship of Christian Queers Website
Email Fellowship of Christian Queers

The Fellowship of Christian Queers strives to meet the needs of queer Christians at the University of Louisville by creating a safe, affirming, welcoming space for worship, fellowship, and service. Our goals include...

  1. Worshipping God in a way that honors our experiences as queer people.
  2. Combatting homophobia and Christian Nationalism in our wider faith community.
  3. Challenging the narrative surrounding Christianity within the queer community.
  4. Providing safe places for queer students to worship in the Interfaith Center.
  5. Discussing queer theology and biblical scholarship.
  6. Putting our faith into action in service of Louisville’s queer community.

The Good Samaritan Club

The Good Samaritan Club Website
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The Good Samaritan Club is named after the Samaritan that Jesus mentioned in a parable as an example of a good neighbor. As a man was lying half dead on the road, only the Good Samaritan demonstrated God's love by sacrificing his time and effort for the stranger others avoided. For the Good Samaritan, no cost was too great to save the man's life. Through this good deed, we can also learn how to be good neighbors. In other words, loving your neighbor is the same as becoming like the Good Samaritan.

The Good Samaritan Club members aim to practice Christ's example of love. We're making every effort to save the lives of our neighbors through volunteer work and Bible studies!


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Hillel Website
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Hillel serves students who identify with the Jewish faith on multiple campuses in Louisville and Southern Indiana that include University of Louisville, Bellarmine University, Spalding University, Jefferson Community and Technology College, and Indiana University Southeast. Our mission is “Enriching the lives of Jewish students so that they may enrich the Jewish people and the world.” Our vision is “We envision a world where every student is inspired to make an enduring commitment to Jewish life, learning and Israel.”


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Ignite Website
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We're a place to belong for anyone and everyone. Introverts and extroverts. Athletes and students. Church-goers and people who've never been to church. We host worships nights, bible studies and parties on campus! Our mission is to help UofL students take their first step or next step with Jesus. Here are some ways to connect with us throughout the week:

  • Worship - Every Tuesday @ 8PM
  • Freshman Dinner - Every Thursday @ 6PM
  • Pancakes - Every Thursday @ 9PM

Immanuel College Collective

Immanuel College Collective Website
Email Immanuel College Collective

The Collective is the college ministry of Immanuel Baptist Church. We exist to help students grow and thrive as Christians on the UofL campus. Some our key values are Community, Fellowship and Biblical teaching. We accomplish these things through out Thursday large gatherings (6:30), weekly discipleship groups and regular hangout times. There is no formal membership and all are welcomed. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Latter-Day Saint Student Association

five students sitting at a table

Latter-Day Saint Student Association Website
Email Latter-Day Saint Student Association

The Latter-Day Saint Student Association (Institute) invites all to balance their secular education with their spiritual endeavors. Each semester, we offer scripture study classes and activities which allow for learning, fun and fellowship with like-minded students. Our constant focus is on Jesus Christ and the gospel that He has restored.

Sojourn College

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Sojourn College Website
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Sojourn College is the college ministry of Sojourn Community Church. We desire to share God’s hope and love with our campus, help student grow in their faith as part of a multigenerational multiethnic church, and prepare them to be lifelong disciples who make disciples.

Louisville Wesley Foundation

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Wesley Foundation Website
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We exist to inspire college students to follow Jesus. Our aim is to create space for conversations about faith, doubts, purpose, meaning, and navigating life. We trust that Jesus meets us at the crossroads of our decisions. Regardless of which direction or choice you make in your life, we believe that God through The Holy Spirit is always calling us to be better versions of ourselves in Christ. Everyone is invited. All are welcome. Love is here.

Muslim Student Association

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Muslim Student Association Website
Email Muslim Student Association

The MSA chapter at UofL strives to allow Muslim students to gather and create lasting bonds through religious functions, community volunteer initiatives, and social events. We meet every Wednesday at 6 p.m., unless there are school breaks such as Spring Break, Fall break, and Thanksgiving break. Room: Davidson 101

Reformed University Fellowship

Reformed University Fellowship Website
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Louisville RUF is a Christian campus ministry at UofL. We gather together, ask tough questions, and rest in the good news of the gospel in order to grow in our love of God and others. Whether you are looking for a place to grow in your faith, don't know what you believe and want to ask questions, or simply need a place to rest, you are welcome at RUF! Come and hang out!

Saving Our Students

Saving Our Students Website
Email Saving Our Students

Saving Our Students is a faith-based RSO that supports the campus community through student engagement, by equipping students with skills, tools, and knowledge for educational excellence and spiritual success. We meet every Monday @6pm in the Cultural and Equity Center, Instagram and Facebook Live. Check out our IG for updates on weekly meetings!

University Bible Fellowship

University Bible Fellowship Website
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University Bible Fellowship (UBF) is an international evangelical church (non-denominational) and network of house churches dedicated to Christ and his kingdom. Our main focus is to study the Bible, grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and live according to his teachings. We especially pray to reach college students and help them grow as his lifelong disciples. Our goal is to obey our Lord’s commands to love one another and to go and make disciples of all nations (Jn 13:34; Mt 28:18-20). We pray that God may continue to call and raise lay missionaries through us and send them to the ends of the earth (Ac 1:8).

Young Life

Young Life Website

A safe place for college students to grow and deepen their faith, ask questions, and meet some great friends. Also the place to be if you're interested in learning more about Young Life or becoming a YL leader in Louisville.

NOTE: This site is hosted and maintained by the Division of Student Affairs/Dean of Students office which serves as a liaison to the Religious Life Association.