This year (2022-2023), the Provost is requiring all faculty search committee chairs and all dean search committee members to complete STRIDE training in addition to the HR Search Committee Training. Other search committee members are strongly encouraged to attend the STRIDE training as well. Faculty should check with their unit contacts to determine if there are additional requirements for their search committees at the unit or department level. Please note: The HR Search Committee Training cannot be replaced by the STRIDE Training. 

HR Search Committee Training (required for all): Faculty serving on search committees, at minimum, should complete the annual, online HR Search Committee Training located at the top of HR’s website. Upon completion, a digital confirmation is sent to the employee for their records. This module will help  faculty and staff design and conduct a legal and effective search. 

ATHENA STRIDE (required for some but encouraged for all): These trainings accompany the STRIDE Handbook, developed by the Strategies and Tactics for Recruiting to Improve Diversity and Excellence (STRIDE) Committee, which describes best practices to aid in the promotion of diversity, equity, and inclusion across each stage of the faculty search process to produce diverse candidate pools, run effective searches, and attract and choose the best candidates. 

Currently, the STRIDE training renewal is recommended every three years. A list of past STRIDE workshop attendees can be found here.

In addition to the STRIDE training, search committees are encouraged to request an Equity Process Advocate (EPA), which is a representative from the STRIDE Committee who will participate in three of the search committee meetings as described below, so they may provide input on the process:  

  • An early-stage meeting to review the search advertisement draft, the planned advertisement posting venues before posting the advertisement, the planned evaluation rubric, and to provide general equitable search process guidelines and tools.  

  • A mid-stage meeting after the candidate pool has been finalized 

  • A final debriefing meeting with the search committee and hiring officer at the end of the search to provide debriefing data about the search pool aggregate demographic composition at the different stages. 

Search committees can request an EPA here: STRIDE Intake Form 

We are also excited to announce an additional resource for faculty searches – The REGISTRY. The National Registry of Diverse & Strategic Faculty (The REGISTRY) connects institutions of higher education with diverse faculty candidates. The REGISTRY is the premier national database of diverse & strategic faculty sponsored by a major university. The REGISTRY is committed to connecting the most diverse and qualified pool of candidates to colleges and universities around the country. 

The REGISTRY boasts Subscribing Institutions from all over the United States. The Institutions subscribe to The REGISTRY to search for qualified and diverse candidates, as well as to post open faculty positions. For assistance with posting job descriptions on The REGISTRY, please reach out to Kimberly Goughler at