Systems Thinking: How to Solve Problems So They Stay Solved

From production to customer service and marketing, organizations are made up of a series of interconnected parts. While each function may appear to operate efficiently on its own, a change in just one cog can throw the whole system out of whack. The problems that arise in interconnected organizations can be difficult to solve.

Systems thinking is problem-solving approach that examines the relationships between functions in an organization. Systems thinking is powerful because it enables you to predict the consequences of a potential change. This problem-solving method can also help you eliminate silos, see different viewpoints, and remain focused on the big picture.

Ultimately, systems thinking empowers you to solve problems so that they stay solved. Instead of offering quick-fix solutions that work only in the short term, systems thinking helps you make decisions that benefit your organization in the long run.

You will learn how to:

  • Apply systems thinking in the workplace in ways that benefit you and your organization: encouraging innovation, learning from mistakes, and enhancing leadership and management skills.
  • Apply the tools of systems thinking to solve a problem.
  • Minimize the unintended consequences of major decisions.

Seminar Fee

$430 (includes instruction, seminar manual, refreshments, certificate of completion and parking)

All dates meet from 8:30 a.m.—4:30 p.m.

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H. Ray Pait, Jr.

This Workshop Is Ideal For:

This program is appropriate for employees at every level who have an impact on the functioning of their team, department, or organization. The course will be especially beneficial to managers, supervisors, and anyone else whose ideas, policies, and practices can have far-reaching consequences.

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