As your local university, we value learning and knowledge. We use cutting-edge technology and best practices to design and deliver our learning and development solutions. Since we believe in continuous learning, we want to share learning and development resources with you.

Eliminate Communication Clutter

Whether crafting a sales letter, website copy or a news release, effective writing has the power to help an organization meet its goals. Address communication challenges in your organization with these business writing basics. Download the full article [PDF].

The Masterful Learner Checklist

A masterful learner is someone who focuses on getting the most out of every learning and development opportunity. Use this checklist to evaluate your current development plan. Employers, help your employees create learning goals by encouraging them to review this checklist before each learning event. Download the checklist [PDF].

Organizational Learning Checklist: Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Learning Investment?

Ensure you are getting the most out of your training investment. Use the learning checklist to help evaluate your organization's current training and employee development goals. Download the checklist [PDF].

How to Be More Productive

In our ever-changing, connected work environments, many things compete for our time: phone calls, emails, project deadlines, co-workers wanting to chat, and countless other distractions. Use these tips to stay focused and get more done. Download the full article [PDF].

Achieve Greater Success by Developing Your Emotional Intelligence

Developing emotional intelligence takes practice, but is worth the effort. According to a recent study published in the Journal of Organizational Behavior, individuals with a higher EQ are more successful and make more money than those with a lower EQ. Learn more about how to develop your emotional intelligence. Download the full article [PDF].

Managing Conflict in the Workplace

When conflict isn’t managed properly in the workplace, it can cause distrust as well as discomfort, and over time can interfere with job performance and employee morale. Learn about conflict management styles and when to use them. Download the full article [PDF].

Dealing with Personal and Professional Stress

Recent studies show that as a nation, Americans are stressed out. Personal and professional demands are taking a toll on employee health which, in turn, is impacting the bottom line of many employers. These strategies can be helpful for easing stress and finding work-life fulfillment. Download the full article [PDF].

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