Customized Learning Solutions

Experience Training that Transforms Your Organization

We believe that strategic learning can transform organizations by equipping leaders at all levels with the skills and knowledge they need to excel. Learning has the power to touch all levels of an organization. From closing performance gaps to building employee skill and morale, we will partner with you to create strategic learning initiatives in your organization with bottom line impact.

To learn more about how we can help you create a vision and a customized plan for your learning organization, contact us today.

Targeted Learning Solutions

We work with you to create customized training programs to meet your organization's specific needs. These programs could include:

  • Customized training for a sales team (or other department)
  • Bringing an existing seminar or certificate program directly to your employees in your environment
  • Online/in-class blended learning for a specific initiative such as new employee orientation or business process training
  • Virtual instructor-led training for distributed work groups

Corporate University

This long-term strategic initiative aims to develop a workforce's capabilities. We will help you identify your organization's strategic learning needs and develop a program that is unique to your company. A corporate university will help you:

  • Initiate and earn support within your organization
  • Teach leaders at all levels how to speak the same language
  • Support succession planning and prepare your future leaders
  • Enable employees to work towards your company's mission and vision
  • Build employee engagement and morale
  • Create a culture of continuous learning

Recent Examples

  • To fill performance gaps, we designed, developed and delivered a customized business training initiative for business administrators in an organization of more than 6,000 employees. The training was delivered in online modules and half-day classroom sessions with evaluation metrics geared to measure quantifiable impact on the organization.
  • Many organizations request that we deliver one of our certificate programs (usually a Project Management Certificate or Management/Leadership Development Certificate) to their organization on-site. Company specific scenarios and other customizations can be built into any seminar or certificate.
  • A manufacturing company requested quarterly executive facilitation sessions for their leadership team. These sessions will help guide their strategic planning for the entire organization.
  • Local companies have partnered with us for years. We offer customized one-day or two-day seminars to their employees on-site that supplement their internal corporate learning initiatives.
  • We are designing and deploying evaluation studies that go beyond the traditional satisfaction surveys. For example, we are implementing pre- and post-evaluations to seminars offered to a local transportation company. These evaluations are intended to measure increases in knowledge, skills and abilities and are measured through interviews with the participants on how they use their skills on a daily basis.
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