HIPAA Training

Our office provides HIPAA Privacy training for individuals who are assigned to areas of the campus which are within the University of Louisville health care component. HIPAA Privacy training is also provided to health science campus students.     Specific HIPAA policy and procedure training may also be required by facilities where students, staff, or health care providers are assigned to work. 

We also provide HIPAA Research training for individuals working on University of Louisville research projects.

The Information Security Office provides HIPAA Security training for individuals who are assigned to a department or unit within the health care component.  HIPAA Security training is required for all persons completing the HIPAA Privacy or Research training.

HIPAA Privacy training may be completed in several ways. Individuals may complete the training online through the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) site.  HIPAA Privacy training is also offered in an interactive, live group training session.  Live HIPAA Privacy training is frequently combined with HIPAA Security training to ensure that individuals receive required HIPAA Privacy and Security training in one session.   

For further information regarding HIPAA Privacy training, or to schedule a training session, contact us at (502) 852-3803 or privacy@louisville.edu