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University of Louisville Administrative HIPAA Privacy Policy

The University of Louisville is responsible for complying with the requirements of HIPAA that are relevant to those areas of the University covered by HIPAA regulations.  This includes those areas that have been designated to be within the University's health care component.  Such compliance promotes a culture that adheres to the requirements of the regulations and values and protects the privacy of the Protected Health Information within its possession.  The University's Administrative policy is available at University of Louisville HIPAA/Privacy Policy.


University of Louisville Privacy Office Guidance

Guidance information from the Privacy Office is provided for operational units organized within the health care covered component. This guidance information is provided for operational units organized within the healthcare “Covered Component” of the University's hybrid entity structure under HIPAA. Individual clinics or units which have established privacy policies or protocols specific to their operations, and such policies or protocols, are expected to afford the minimum protections or standards addressed in this guidance. 

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