How to access CITI


The University of Louisville uses the CITI and SafeColleges platforms to provide online HIPAA Privacy training.   

To access HIPAA Privacy training in CITI, please follow the steps below. 

1.  Go to CITI website:

2.  Returning Users:  Sign in on the home screen.  Select University of Louisville Courses.  Proceed to Step 9.    

3.      New Users:  click on ‘Register’ under ‘Create an Account.’  Select Your Institution or Organization:  Under ‘Search for organization:’ enter ‘University of Louisville’.  

4.      Personal Information: Enter your first and last name, as recorded with the university.  Under email use your U of L email ( as the email address.  You can add another preferred address to the Secondary email address field, if you like.    

5.      Create Your Username and Password:  Follow the instructions on the page regarding size and criteria. The Username and Password can be anything of your choosing that is accepted by the system.

6.      Gender, Ethnicity and Race:  Enter your answers to the questions on the screen.  While you are required to answer the questions, there is an option of no disclosure, if you prefer. 

7.      Are you interested in the option of receiving Continuing Education Unit (CEU) credit for completed CITI Program courses?: Answer ‘No’.  Can CITI Program contact you at a later date regarding participation in research surveys? Answer ‘No’. 

8.      Information requested by U of L:  Complete the demographic information. Fields that are marked by an asterisk are required by the system. Enter your University of Louisville Student ID # in the Employee Number field.  

9.      Click on “Learner Tools” next to “Active Courses.”   Click “Add a Course” at the bottom of the page.  If you would like to take the offered COVID-19 courses, you may do so at this time; however, you may also click “Not at this time” to proceed to HIPAA training.   

10.  Select ‘I know what I need to take, just show me the full menu of courses’. Click ‘Next’.  (Note:  The HIPAA courses listed under the “Completed Courses” are outdated so please ignore these).

11.  Select the HIPAA Privacy course.  Click ‘Next’.

12.  You will be directed back to your Courses page.  Choose the HIPAA Privacy module under the “Courses Ready to Begin.”   You will be directed to the SafeColleges website to complete the HIPAA video and quiz. 

13.  Upon completion of all Required Modules and achieving 80% overall correct score in SafeColleges, a link will appear to access your completion certificate.  Keep a copy of this report for your records. 

14.  At this point, you may log out of SafeColleges if you wish.  Go back to the CITI tab in your browser to complete the quiz/attestation.  You are not finished with the HIPAA training until you complete the CITI quiz/attestation.