Is a Bachelor's degree required for acceptance into veterinary school?

No, a student can be admitted into veterinary school without an undergraduate degree as long as they have completed the prerequisite courses, which generally takes three years. Some students pursue a Bachelor's degree before applying to veterinary school to provide alternate career options or strengthen their application, but it is not required. 

If I get a Bachelor's degree, what should I major in?

A student can be admitted into veterinary school with any major, as long as they have completed the pre-veterinary prerequisites. Many students pursue degrees in science, often Biology, because many of the courses align with the required pre-veterinary courses.

What are the pre-veterinary prerequisite courses?

Colleges of veterinary medicine require students to complete a curriculum consisting of courses in biology, chemistry, physics and liberal arts. This topic is discussed further under Pre-Veterinary Requirements tab, but the requirements vary between schools. Students planning to apply to veterinary schools should research the schools they are interested in and contact the Department of Biology

What GPA do I need to be admitted into vet school?

Most students admitted into veterinary school have a 3.5 GPA or higher. 

Do I need veterinary experience before applying to veterinary schools?

Yes, veterinary schools expect applicants to have spent a significant amount of time working alongside a veterinarian. Students should research the schools they are interested in to find out the expected experience hours, as they vary greatly between schools. Auburn and Tuskegee's veterinary experience requirements are listed under Pre-Vet Requirements. In order to present a competitive application, students should spend ample amount of time working or volunteering alongside veterinarians in a variety of settings (large animal, small animal, research). Working alongside a veterinarian will give students insight into the veterinary field and can also help them network and form important relationships for their career. Students are required to submit a letter of recommendation from a veterinarian when applying to vet schools. 

How should high school students prepare for a career in veterinary medicine?

High school students should build a strong foundation in science classes, make good grades, research schools they are interested in, and score well on the ACT or SAT so they can attend their preferred colleges. More information is available under the Preparing for Vet School tab.