Take Away Message

Student Voices:

“Staying in the Planetarium was an excellent experience. It felt like if you were in those places.”

“I’m glad I can study some science ideas in the planetarium program because the program has fun, useful ideas and interesting discussions. Thank you for making the lessons per each section of the science. Thank you for gathering some interesting videos. Thank you for working as part of this program. Thank you for answering some of the difficult questions from us. Thank you for taking the heavy planetarium tent and fan to our school every day at 6 am. Also, I think this is a great experience. If we have chances to join in this great experience again, I will join in. Please do continue this program.”

“Thank you for inviting us into your portable planetarium. I really appreciated the good videos, pictures, information, and discussion during the time we had together. Thank you again for everything.”

Students expressing their excitement about the project


Teacher summarizing positive experience and results of the project