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Master of Science in Civil Engineering

Master of Science in Civil Engineering online degree at the University of Louisville Online

The minimum curricular requirements for the master’s program are:

Category Online Courses Credit Hours

CEE Courses1

CEE 560 – Traffic Engineering (3)
CEE 562 – Geometric Highway Design (3)
CEE 563 – GPS Theory and Application (3)
CEE 565 – GIS Applications to Transportation (3)
CEE 573 – Groundwater Hydrology (3)
CEE 590 – Applied Logistics in Transportation (3)
CEE 626 – Masonry Design (3)
CEE 660 – Transportation Planning and Urban Development (3)
CEE 661 – Environmental Analysis of Transportation Systems (3)
CEE 663 - Advanced Traffic Operations (3)
CEE 664 – Fundamentals of Intelligent Transportation Systems (3)
CEE 665 – Pavement Design (3)
CEE 694 – Wetland Design (3)
CEE 694 – Building Information Modeling (3)


Optional Technical Electives2

Students can enroll in any graduate-level course outside of the CEE department. The student’s research advisor or academic advisor must approve non-CEE electives. Current approved courses include:
GEOG 558 – Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (3)
EM 694 – Special Topics in Engineering Management (3)


Thesis Option

CEE 690 – MS Thesis3


Non-Thesis Option

Technical Electives2

Minimum Total for M.S. in Civil Engineering


1 At least 15 credit hours must be at the 600-level.

2 Technical Electives can be CEE or non-CEE courses; the student's research advisor or academic advisor must approve non-CEE courses.

3 For the thesis option, a student is required to select both an approved M.S. thesis topic and the director and members of the thesis committee during the first term of Graduate Studies. The thesis director must give approval for enrollment in CEE 690.

4 Candidates for the Master of Science degree must have a minimum final cumulative grade point average of 3.00 for all academic work attempted in Graduate Studies.

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