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Marketing & Communications

laura dorman at the University of Louisville Online

Laura Dorman

Marketing & Communications Manager, Online Learning


Laura works with colleges and academic departments within the university to develop and implement effective marketing and recruiting strategic plans for online programs. She has been working in higher education since 2006 and has marketing experience in online education, brand management, advertising strategy and taking new online programs to market.

She manages the Online Learning web presence, media buying, advertisement placements, creative work and communications related to the promotion of online programs offered at UofL. Laura’s academic background includes bachelor’s degrees in fine arts, marketing and business administration and an executive MBA. She has experienced online learning and its benefits first hand as a student.

What I like the most about my job:

In my position I get to connect nontraditional students with learning opportunities through advertisement. I enjoy playing an active role in raising awareness about online programs at UofL so adult learners can earn the degree they need, in a convenient and affordable manner. I get to be creative and strategic, challenged and rewarded, all at the same time. I love working with academia and with various types of publications (print/web) to create effective promotional materials for our online programs.

Favorite quote:

My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.

—Maya Angelou

Andrea Parr at the University of Louisville Online

Andrea Parr

Marketing and Communications Coordinator


Andrea brings 10 years of public relations, digital media, crisis communications, and media research experience. Throughout her career in marketing and public relations, Andrea has worked with a variety of industries from spirits to public policy. In her role as the marketing and communications coordinator for online learning at UofL, she supports the marketing manager and the university’s online programs with everything from advertising placements and strategy to content creation and web presence optimization. Andrea earned a BA from Mount Holyoke College, where she studied art history and English literature.

What I like the most about my job:

I am so fortunate to have the opportunity to work in higher education and to be surrounded by people who are committed to life-long learning - from university administrators and faculty to students and prospective students. No two days in any marketing position are alike and this is especially true in higher ed. I'm constantly challenged to ensure that our programs are accessible to individuals whose career opportunities would be enhanced and lives enriched through online education.

Favorite Book:

White Noise by Don Delillo

Administration & Operations

kristen brown at the University of Louisville Online

Kristen Brown

Assistant Director, Online Learning


Kristen Brown is Assistant Director for Online Learning at the University of Louisville. Kristen has been working in the field of online education since 2001 and has experience with bringing new degrees and certificates online, developing student services for online students, and working with data management systems to create meaningful reports. At UofL, Kristen partners with the academic departments and units to bring programs online, clarifies policy related to online education, manages state and federal regulations related to online, and oversees marketing, prospective student management, online education data, and student services for online students. Prior to her career in online education, Kristen was a project manager for several years with a web development firm as well as with a benefits management company where she also served as a programmer. Kristen’s diverse background is connected by using technology creatively, which continues in her career at UofL.

What I like the most about my job:

I truly enjoy working with aspects of the university community – from the academic units to student services to administrative units – the connections and relationships I make throughout campus give me energy and help me understand the university more each day. Further, having my professional home in the Delphi Center for Teaching and Learning provides the foundation for making these connections.

Favorite Book:

A Confederacy of Dunces by John Kennedy Toole

Melinda Addie at the University of Louisville Online

Melinda Addie

Administrative Systems Analyst, Online Learning


As the Administrative Systems Analyst for online learning, Melinda oversees the data housing, reporting and functionality of the lead management system, Radius. She focuses on organizing and analyzing prospective student data for inquiries to UofL online programs, as well as data points for UofL students who take online classes or are enrolled in online programs. The data analysis and reporting information is used to continuously improve the university’s online programs, inquiry management and enrollment management processes.

Through her college education, Melinda has experienced learning both in traditional and online format. She earned an undergraduate degree in English at the University of North Carolina in Greensboro and an MA in Journalism and Mass Communications at Marshall University. As an online student at Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business, Melinda expanded her skills in data analysis by taking courses in business analytics. She has worked in communications, public relations and fundraising for the nonprofit sector for most of her career.

What I like the most about my job:

I find it not only challenging and stimulating, but also very rewarding to be one of the many moving parts in serving the prospective online student population, working in an environment of collaboration and excellence, supporting partner schools/departments in making strategic decisions, and in creating learning opportunities for online students that can help them achieve their education and career goals.

Favorite quote:

There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.

—Edith Warton

Kathryn Cross at the University of Louisville Online

Kathryn Cross

State Authorization Analyst


As State Authorization Analyst, Kathryn is responsible for making sure the University complies with laws and regulations in all fifty states relating to the university’s activities in other states (ex. offering online programs, allowing students to participate in internships, advertising, recruiting, etc.). She focuses on completing the necessary paperwork to authorize the University to offer programs and conduct other activities in all states. She is also the point person for questions from internal departments regarding state authorization and related issues.

Additionally, she has developed experience with research and policy analysis through volunteer work with non-profit organizations, and has experience with leading projects, designing and editing, fundraising, and client representation gained throughout high school and college. Kathryn earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (cum laude) in 2012 and a Juris Doctorate (magna cum laude) in 2015, both from the University of Louisville.

What I like the most about my job:

What I enjoy most about my job is the freedom I have to try on many different hats. State authorization is a large, complex project which requires the ability to read and understand statutes and regulations, communicate effectively and persuasively with different types of people (e.g., regulators, university administrators, students), analyze budgets, participate in strategic planning, and organization and time management. I could not imagine a better way to utilize my degree and start my professional career than to work at the Delphi Center and with my Delphi colleagues.

Favorite hobby:

I enjoy crafting (scrapbooking, painting, drawing), playing musical instruments (piano, guitar, and drums), playing board games with friends and family, and volunteering with animal welfare organizations.

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