Assorted surveys for work group utilization. Please print forms below (found in pdf. format) and distribute to be completed by hand:

Communication Survey Questions (PDF) - Twenty questions to help determine your communication habits

Conflict Culture Diagnostic Survey (PDF) - A twenty question diagnostic survey intended to reflect or measure the prevailing conflict culture within your organization or work-group. It is not intended to be scientific or precise, but should demonstrate how people view conflict and its resolution process for the reviewer to sufficiently glimpse the attitudes and perceptions of others within the group. It is intended to illustrate what your organization feels and believes is the manner of dealing with conflict within the work culture.

Conflict Culture Questionnaire (PDF) - Eight questions to help determine interpersonal issues or concerns within your workplace and as to how these questions affect you personally

Organizational Civility Survey (PDF) - Ten questions to score your work environments civility/bullying climate

Organizational Culture Questionnaire (PDF) - Ten questions to rate your work place culture