WGM #2 Background Materials

FileEthical Considerations When Companies Study -- and Fail to Study -- Their Customers
PDF file for Ch. 4 pp. 214-227 in forthcoming "The Cambridge Handbook of Consumer Privacy", E Selinger, J Polonetsky, O Tene eds. to be published by Cambridge University Press(2018).
FileMandatory Extended Searches in All Genome Sequencing
PDF file for Friedman-Ross, L. et al. published JAMA 310(4):367-368(2013).
FileNext Steps for Citizen Science
PDF file for Bonney, R et al. published Science 343 (6178), 1436-1437, DOI: 10.1126/science.1251554.
FilePractical Tips for Ethical Data Sharing
PDF file Meyer, M published Advances in Methods and Practices in Psychological Science 1(1):131-144(2018).
FileProtecting Personal Health Infomation in Research: Understanding the HIPAA Privacy Rule
PDF Publication from the Dep't of Health and Human Services, U.S. Government which explains some aspects of the HIPAA Privacy Rule.
FileReturn of Genomic Results to Research Participants: The Floor, the Ceiling, and the In Between
PDF file for Jarvik, GP et al. published The American Journal of Human Genetics 94:818-826(2014).
FileThe Challenge of Regulating Clinical Decision Support Software After 21st Century Cures, 44 Am. J. L. & Med (2018)
PDF for Evans B & Ossorio P, publication forthcoming in Journal of Law, Medicine and Ethics(2018).