School of Nursing

The purpose of the School of Nursing mentoring program is multifaceted. The undergraduate faculty mentoring program was created to provide a support system for new faculty and assist them in successfully adapting to their faculty role in the Undergraduate Program at the University of Louisville School of Nursing. This program addresses the Kentucky Board of Nursing (KBN) requirement 201 KAR 20:310 Section 2, 4(h): "Nurse faculty hired without prior teaching experience shall have a mentor assigned and an educational development plan implemented."

The mentoring program fulfills the KBN obligation while encompassing a broader purpose of assisting all new faculty with diverse teaching experience in achieving a sense of confidence, integrating and socializing into a new academic culture, enhancing recruitment and fostering retention, morale, and productivity. This program will guide and support the new faculty member through a formal process with a senior faculty member that will enhance their knowledge of the structure and infrastructure of the organization and the resources available to assist them in their role both initially and for long term growth and development.


Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and Operations, Nursing

Debra Anderson
Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and Operations