School of Dentistry

  1. What processes do you use to ensure that all new faculty, especially pre-tenure faculty, are offered a mentor if they want one?
    The department chair formally meets a minimum of 2 times per year in late Summer/early Fall and again in December with their faculty on a one-to-one basis to discuss/plan faculty development, promotion/tenure guidelines/process and also discuss/plan the progress of assigned responsibilities.  The School of Dentistry holds a two day faculty/staff retreat annually in which presentations are directed towards providing new and current faculty with additional resources to enhance teaching, clinical care, or research.  This also allows new faculty to meet with faculty in their department and other departments.  A continuing education program has been developed and is being enhanced to provide monthly CE courses, usually during the noon hour, to mentor faculty in teaching and well-being.  The School of Dentistry has developed a Campus Climate committee to mentor new and current faculty with information regarding the School and to support new faculty as they begin their work at the School.
  2. Do you track how many faculty are mentored, and if so how?
    The total number of faculty being mentored varies. Tracking of faculty mentoring is accomplished by reviewing the annual work plans and outcomes to assess progress towards promotion and tenure, and by enrollment numbers at the above continuing education activities.
  3. Do you evaluate the success of the program, and if so how?
    The success of the program is evaluated by reviewing the faculty work plans and yearly outcomes. The faculty work plans are detailed reports that provide insight into the day to day activities of the faculty.  Surveys of participants at continuing education courses and the faculty retreat provide feedback and information on success of those mentoring activities.