College of Arts & Sciences

All new faculty participate in the A&S New Faculty Orientation. During the orientation each individual hired is informed they may have a mentor – inside and/or outside their department. The departments provide mentors, upon request, within the discipline. The A&S Faculty Affairs office provides mentors outside the discipline.

In addition, the A&S Faculty Affairs Office has partnered with our office of Diversity and Community Engagement to create activities that promote inclusion among new faculty. We hold informal social events such as meeting at local establishments for drinks, meeting at the Speed After Hours, and offering sessions for updates on their experiences as new faculty in the first year of their appointment. All new faculty are invited. Attendance is voluntary.

A&S has a web page containing resources for new faculty. This list is for College-wide offerings. Departments have varied approaches, which most generally include the provision of mentors, upon request, and other activities to promote inclusion.


Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs, A&S

Susan Ryan
Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs