Academic Department/Unit Component

Each department/unit should develop mentoring plans with measurable outcomes based upon the unique characteristics and circumstances of each department/ unit. Oversight of and responsibility for implementation of mentoring plans falls within the purview of academic Chairs/Deans in collaboration with their faculties.

Mentoring plans should:

  1. Address minimum areas identified in this document
  2. Be faculty-driven and endorsed by faculty
  3. Identify and incorporate best practices as they relate to mentoring within their specialty
  4. Be supported by the development of criteria outlining mentor roles and responsibilities
  5. Support mentors' ability to undertake the mentorship process
  6. Support of the mentee through clear roles, expectations, and planned outcomes, periodic evaluation of the process and resources that support mentee development toward stated goals.
  7. Identify strategies to support mentee confidentiality when measuring satisfaction and outcomes with the mentoring process

Best Practice Exemplars