Green Initiatives

University Mail Services wants to help you reduce unwanted mail as part of the university's green initiative.  Please submit your idea(s) of what you have done or intend to do to reduce the amount of unwanted/unsolicited mail.

This is the place to document your efforts and recognize the sustainability efforts of you and your department.  Others may use your examples to make a green effort in reducing their unwanted mail.

Since the Controller's Office receives a lot of mail - our office has been re-cycling the used campus envelopes periodically. These envelopes are not thrown out - but rather UBM's are sent out a notice that bins of used campus envelopes are available for their use. The department then will contact our office to reserve a bin, pick up the bin, and re-use these campus envelopes.

- Sheila Childers, Controller's Office

Postal Tip:  Are you receiving unwanted catalogs?  Go to or to remove your address from their mailing lists. Catalog Choice offers a MailStop Envelope, a mail-in program for stopping unwanted mail. See details at:

There are several things I do to reduce junk mail:
When we receive mass mailings, I e-mail the sender the names of the people who have left the university (or those that received duplicate shipments) and ask them to remove their name(s) from the mailing list.

I ask publishers to send catalogs, books, etc. to me and I distribute them to the person(s) teaching the class(es) during the current semester.  Less packages, packaging, handling, etc.

I provide publishers a listing of our department's current teaching staff, their courses, office hours, etc.

Cynthia J Saling, Philosophy Department

Postal Tip:  Visit or call 1-888-5-OPTOUT to permanently opt out of credit card and insurance offers.

We received this from one of our employees:

When we receive "junk" mail in Postal and it has Change Service Requested on it, instead of throwing it out and hoping it will not return, we return it to the sender stating whether or not the person is known to the university. This hopefully reduces the amount of wrong mail that we receive with addresses for unknown people, retirees, and people whom have been gone for years. Letting the sender know that they are no longer here or never were here should work to reduce the amount of unwanted mail that we have to handle in Postal Service.

- Melissa Burton, Mail Services

Postal Tip:  Always look at the endorsement under the return address to see if the mail piece can be returned. Be sure to mark the reason for return (i.e. Return to Sender - No longer here).  Be sure to mark out the address (leave it so that it can still be read) and mark out all bar codes.  Return mail can be given to your postal carrier like stamp mail or dropped in a mail box.

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