Philippines, Southeast Asia

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Cebu is one of the provinces of the Philippines. It is located to the east of Negros island; to the west of Leyte, and Bohol islands in an area known as the Visayas. It is located on both sides by the straits of Bohol (between Cebu, and Bohol), and Tañon (between Cebu, and Negros).

Students will travel to Cebu City as members of a multidisciplinary academic team. Participants will work with students in local schools on topics selected by local leaders. Topics in the past have centered around bullying, critical thinking, and water purification. A dental clinic is also set up for the benefit of local community.

The trip will include activities designed to expose students to local culture and history.

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Academic Disciplines Participating


Dr. Steve Sohn Course number: COMM 365/465/565


Cassie Chambers Armstrong Course number:LAW 999-02


Dr. Robert E. Berson Course number:CHE 594-01

Program Fee


(The Program Fee does not include tuition but covers travel costs.)

Students are required to enroll in the appropriate ISLP course and are required to attend and participate in all orientation classes.

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