Research Cores

Core Services at the Hepatobiology and Toxicology Center

Our state-of-the-art Core Facilities provide comprehensive research support and offer services in a variety of areas.

The Administrative Core will provide overall governance and will ensure that the COBRE projects and cores work together in a cohesive and coordinated manner. All projects and cores will utilize the Administrative Core. The Administrative Core provides a formalized governance structure and provides formalized processes for replacing key personnel.  In addition, the Administrative Core houses the biostatistical support for the COBRE and the Pilot Program for the COBRE.

Biostatistical Support:

Data management and statistical support are integral functions of the Administrative Core.  Dr. Shesh Rai  is our COBRE biostatistician.  Contact Dr. Rai for statistical consultation at: Shesh.Rai@Louisville.Edu.


Our ’Omics Core is composed of three major components including Metabolomics, Proteomics Core and Bioinformatics. The overarching goal of this Core will be met through application of state of the art separations science and mass spectrometry techniques to analyze research samples containing complex mixtures of metabolites, proteins and protein fragments.

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The Core provides technical and analytical expertise with centralized state-of-the-art equipment including Cellomics ArrayScan® VTI HCS Reader for automated microscope based high content screening and the Seahorse XF96 extracellular flux analyzer for cellular bioenergetics and metabolism studies in real time.

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Animal Models and Biorepository

The Core provides the expertise, resources and facilities needed for animal husbandry, necropsy and histological services for animal models of liver disease. The Core also facilitates cataloging and storage of animal and clinical samples in a biorepository, so that other researchers may share the tissue generated by COBRE-supported projects.

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