Bystander Intervention

For too long we have looked at the issue of Power Based Personal Violence (PBPV) as a private issue, but the truth is PBPV is a community wide issue. By looking at our daily lives through a bystander lens we can start to see how our daily actions can make long lasting impact on our culture.

A main component of the Green Dot strategy is bystander intervention. We train faculty, staff and students how they can be active bystanders. We make sure that the Green Dot training is adapted to reflect the realities of UofL culture. The Green Dot overview training is available to any classroom or student group. We additionally hold more in-depth bystander training for students who are selected by their peers as influential. Additionally, faculty and staff can request a training for their department.

Throughout the entire implementation of Green Dot, Community Mobilizations Initiatives (CMIs) are held. CMIs are engaging and fun action-based activities that continue to engage our larger community in changing behavior and proactively changing culture. Check out our social media to keep up to date with our CMIs.

For all training request or inquiries please reach out to Kathleen Elsherif at