Large Format Printing

Please be advised that we currently have a limitation of 42 inches on the smallest dimension for printing. As a result, we can accommodate regularly accepted poster sizes such as 36"x48" or 36"x56". However, please be aware that sizes like 48"x48" are beyond our current printing capabilities. Thank you for your continued support.

Need a research poster or other large format printing service? We can help!

Cost: $5 per sq. ft., rounded up

Media: glossy photo paper

Print Size: maximum of 42" on the smallest side (e.g. 56x42 is okay, while 56x48 exceeds our capacity)

Time: minimum 48 hr. notice

Payment: credit card (in person), or SpeedType

File Format: PDF or PowerPoint, less than 20mb file size

**Please ensure that your file dimensions match your requested print size**

 Poster Request Form