From the Department Chair

We have worked tirelessly to provide an excellent educational experience and growth opportunities for our students and I am so proud to see our GEOG/ENVS students thrive academically. Last year, the department published numerous breakthrough papers in top-tier journals and conducted ground-breaking research addressing critical problems of the society and the environment. As you would expect, these research endeavors were led by our distinguished and energetic faculty. Meanwhile, we equally pride ourselves on the excellence and creativity of our students - not just our graduate students, but also our undergraduate majors who are active and creative partners with the faculty in our research. Outside of the classroom and research lab, faculty, staff and students of the department have deeply engaged with our beloved community, working collaboratively with various organizations to help achieve long-term and sustainable solutions to many challenging local issues.

Wei Song, PhD
Professor and Chair
Department of Geographic & Environmental Sciences
University of Louisville
208 Lutz Hall, Belknap Campus
Louisville, KY 40292
Tel: 502-852-2690