For Faculty and Staff
Dr. Mary Ashlock taught a pilot section of the FYF seminar in spring 2018 on the theme of Generation Z.

For Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff are invited to participate in the Find Your Fit project and/or the seminar at the heart of the project. This page provides an overview of the Find Your Fit seminar, ECPY 302: Personal and Academic Inquiry.

After reviewing the information and opportunities below, you can contact the project leaders at to signal your interest.

Some ways to get involved include:

  • Teach a FYF seminar

    Find Your Fit Project is are actively seeking 2-3 faculty who would be an ideal candidate to teach the Find Your Fit seminars in the next academic year and beyond.

    We are looking for faculty to teach this seminar who possess these characteristics:

    • Enjoy and excel at engaging, connecting and mentoring students as part of their teaching duties
    • Willing to explore and embrace innovative pedagogical approaches
    • Open to collaborating with others and connecting with student development and student affairs professionals, and librarians in service to student growth and success
    • Appreciate and supports the centrality of the UofL teaching mission

    Teaching this course offers these unique features:

    • Small, seminar-style sections for undergraduates (limited enrollment to 20)
    • Distinctive course model that involves innovation, reflection, and peer group development
    • Creative seminar theme chosen by the faculty member
    • Collaborating in a team-taught course with an academic advisor and librarian. This model aims to provide “wrap-around services” to undergraduate students
    • Focused on supporting undecided students entering their second year at UofL
    • Remuneration available
  • Encourage a student to consider enrolling in the Find your Fit seminar

    Faculty and staff who interact with undergraduate students who might benefit from taking the Find Your Fit seminar.

    The seminar is designed for students who:

    • Have not yet decided on a major, or
    • Have not yet been admitted to their unit of choice and are open to considering other options, or
    • Are questioning their major fit, or
    • Are already transitioning between majors.

    Anyone who is interested in discussing about the eligibility of a specific student can contact Katie Adamchik, director of Exploratory Programs at: or 502.852.3222.
  • Bring expertise to the project

    The project focuses on concepts such as: belongingness, academic self-efficacy, student development theory, inquiry, active learning, critical thinking, and major/career discernment. Faculty and staff members with scholarly and teaching interests in these areas offer opportunities to enhance the work of the QEP with their expertise.

  • Participate in the project implementation

    The campus-wide Find Your Fit Implementation Committee will began meeting semi-monthly starting in fall 2018 to help steer the FYF project over the arc of its remaining 3 years.