Biol 388: Biology Honors Seminar

This course is designed to introduce sophomores and early juniors to research opportunities at U of L. To be eligible to register for the class, you must email me with your name, student ID, grades in the freshman biology core (240, 242, 244), and expected graduation date. U of L faculty interested in recruiting Biology majors to your laboratories should contact me to be added to the presentation schedule.


Biol 511/611: Behavioral Endocrinology/Advanced Behavioral Endocrinology

Behavioral endocrinology, cross listed for seniors (511) and graduate students (611), examines interactions among hormones, brain, and behavior.


Biol 512/612: Endocrinology/Advanced Endocrinology

Endocrinology, cross listed for seniors (512) and graduate students (612), explores the vertebrate endocrine system. Topics include basic signaling pathways, positive & negative feedback, hormones & immune system function, osmoregulation, growth, metabolism, stress, and reproduction.


Biol 242: Diversity of Life (intro biology for majors, Spring 2012)

I participated in team teaching this course, along with 5 other instructors. My lectures covered systems biology (endocrine, reproductive, nervous, skeletal, muscular).