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Current (SPRING 13):

PHIL 356 Metaphysics

PHIL/BETH 583/683 Healthcare, Justice, and Community

SCHG 399 Science, Technology, & Social Change Lecture Series


Fall 2013: PHIL 205 Intro to Philosophy; PHIL328/SCHG 300-01 Environmental Ethics; PHIL 535/635 Political Philosophy


Rotation: I try to teach the following courses on steady rotations (click links for a sample syllabus):

Ethics, Introduction to Philosophy, and Lectures in Social Change: every second semester or so

Philosophy of Law, Environmental Ethics, Social & Political Philosophy (3xx): every 3-5 semesters

Political Philosophy (5xx), Metaphysics (3xx) every 6 semesters or so

If I am not offering these in a given year others might be -- in particular, Professors Hanson, Owen, and Potter specialize in ethics/social-political, and Professors Kimball, Dove, or Gibson might teach Metaphysics. And PHIL 205 and 321 are always offered by a number of people each year.

Recent Past:

FALL 2012:

Intro; Philosophy of Law

SPRING 2012:

Ethics; Political Philosophy: Locke; Green Economics lecture series

FALL 2011:

Sex & Values; Environmental Ethics

SPRING 2011:

Ethics; Metaphysics; Peace Movements & Nonviolence

FALL 2010:

Environment and Global Justice; Philosophy of Law

SPRING 2010:

Environmental Ethics; Ethical Theory

FALL 2009:

Introduction to Philosophy; Ethics; Political Philosophy
All current course information is available on Blackboard

Career at UofL: Here are all the courses I have taught at Louisville since I arrived in 2000, with selected syllabi (if you need a syllabus and it is not linked above, just contact me):

Introduction to Philosophy (PHIL 205).
Sex & Values (PHIL 219)
Business Ethics (was PHIL 325; now PHIL 225).
Social & Political Philosophy (PHIL 308).
Environment & Global Justice (PHIL 305/SCHG 300)
Environmental Ethics (PHIL 328).
Ethics (PHIL 321).
Philosophy of Law (PHIL 350).
Metaphysics (PHIL 356).
Special Topics: Global Justice (PHIL 505/605/SCHG 500).
Ethical Theory (PHIL 521/621/BETH 621)
Applied Philosophy: Philosophy & Globalization (PHIL 523/623).
Political Philosophy: The Philosophy of John Rawls (PHIL 535/635).
Political Philosophy: The Political Theory of Individual Responsibility (PHIL 535/635).
Political Philosophy: Democracy and Responsibility (PHIL 535/635).
Philosophy of Social Science (PHIL 537).
Intermediate College Writing: Ethics & Social Issues focus (ENG 102).
Honors Seminar: Philosophies of Propaganda (HON 336/346), with Eileen John.

I am also available to advise honors theses, independent studies, and SCHG internships.

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