Student Assignments

The Digital Media Suite offers a range of support options for you and your students to create media.  

For faculty

  • one on one consultation with an instructional designer for assignment design, including example assignment prompts, scaffold assignments, and assessment rubrics and tools
  • access to Digital Media Suite resources for use and creation
  • technology support with the hardware and software you plan to use
For students
  • in class (online and face to face) instruction providing orientation to the Digital Media Suite, as well as introductions to the assignment and associated technologies
  • access to high quality production studios for recording audio and/or video
  • access to specialized computer equipment for post production editing and creation
  • one on one support by Digital Media Suite staff supporting use of the hardware and software, as well as design and production support
  • on demand tutorials in various formats for design, production, and post production processes
  • support for the Adobe Creative Cloud software suite

Click here for more info on creating a digital media assignment

Digital Media Suite Orientations

Do your students need to know more about creating digital media for your class?  Schedule an orientation here.