Premiere Rush tutorials

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Adobe Premiere Rush allows you to create and edit video and audio recordings on desktops and mobile devices.  Designed for ease of use, it is a great place to begin video and audio editing.

Getting Started with Premiere Rush

  Watch a recorded tutorial session covering all the basics on using Premiere Rush

  1. Get to know Rush
  2. Learn the interface
  3. Learn the editing tools
  4. Make titles
  5. Exporting your videos

Doing more with Premiere Rush

Premiere Rush vs Premiere Pro

Premiere Rush and Premiere Pro are the two video editors available in the Adobe Creative Cloud suite of programs.  

Premiere Pro is the main video editor in the Digital Media Suite, since it provides the most flexibility and powerful set of tools.  

Premiere Rush is a video editor designed with ease of use and speed in mind.  Available on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, it can be used to quickly edit recordings and produce videos that do not need the more in-depth tools of Premiere Pro.  

If you find Rush lacks features you need or your video requires more work than you thought, you can export your Rush projects directly into Premiere Pro.  

  • Once you do this, you cannot continue working on the project in Rush. You will have to finish your production in Premiere Pro.  You also cannot open Premiere Pro projects in Rush.

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