About Digital Humanities at University of Louisville

The Digital Humanities Collective (DHC) brings together faculty, staff, and graduate students to address longstanding questions in the humanities using 21st century tools. DHC nurtures collaboration and cutting-edge scholarship that fulfills the research, teaching, and community engagement mission of the university. By cultivating cross-disciplinary partnerships in the social sciences and humanities and beyond, DHC offers tools, talent, and innovation towards scholarly and educational excellence. Examples of research and methods that the DHC uses includes but is not limited to: story maps, digital curation software, text analysis, data mining, mapping, social network analysis, and data visualization. 


Digital Humanities (dh) at the University of Louisville is composed of a number of faculty, projects, and interdisciplinary initiatives. Fundamentally, dh interprets the cultural and social impact of new media and information technologies in addition to critically applying these means for the creation, analysis and dissemination of knowledge in the humanities. dh@UofL is devoted to exploring the ways that emerging technologies might provide faculties with new means and methodologies for research and scholarship. Specifically, we engage the question of what it means to theorize and engage digital environments from a humanistic perspective: what do we need to know about the digital world around us?


Research investigations in dh@UofL is a collaboration between the College of Arts and Sciences and the Office of Information Technology, and provides an intellectual forum for faculty and graduate students involved in digital humanities. In addition to hosting a working group on digital humanities, dh@UofL also provides access to projects from UofL’s programs throughout the College. Finally, dh@UofL is an incubator for further digital humanities scholarship focused on the use and development of digital platforms for humanities research.

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dh@UofL’s working group is comprised of faculty actively involved in digital humanities research and graduate education within the College of Arts and Science. Digital humanities research projects also contribute to the College’s community outreach and engaged scholarship programs, and represent one of the ways that dh@UofL makes possible sustainable partnerships between UofL and the broader Louisville community.

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Current digital humanities projects represent the wide range of disciplines involved with dh@UofL. The International Honors Quilt project gives digital life to the International Honor Quilt, which comprises 600 quilted triangles honoring the achievements and contributions of women throughout history. Parklandhistory.org recovers the civil rights history of Louisville’s Parkland neighborhood. Literary Louisville is a dynamic map of Louisville’s literary past, present, and future. The University of Louisville’s Digital Media Academy offers middle school students the chance to develop their own digital production skills. Finally, MASH is a podcast devoted to media, arts, and the Humanities.

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