Reopening Campus Committees

The university is preparing its pivot to the fall 2020 semester by planning for a variety of scenarios. Provost Beth Boehm has formed committees to address three vital areas: a coordinating committee to prepare plans for campus operations, student services and other key functions; a safe return to campus committee to plan the testing and contact tracking necessary to safely return to work and classes; and an academic scenario planning committee to address delivery of academic programming.


Coordinating Committee


Member Unit
Rashmi Assudani Office of the President
James Begany Enrollment Management
Beth Boehm Provost
Phil Bressoud Campus Health
Sabrina Collins Student Government Association
John Drees Office of Communications & Marketing
Kevin Gardner Research
Tom Hoy General Counsel
Rehan Khan Information Technology Services
Michael Mardis Student Affairs
David Owen College of Arts & Sciences
Jenny Sawyer Admissions
John Smith Staff Senate
David Schultz Faculty Senate (eff. 9/2020)
Krista Wallace-Boaz Faculty Senate
Mark Watkins Operations
Beth Willey Provost

Scenario Planning Committee


Member Unit
Beth Boehm (Co-chair) Provost
Beth Willey (Co-chair) General Education
Rashmi Assudani Office of the President
Benjamin Barberie Student Government Association
Kathy Baumgartner School of Public Health & Information Sciences
Karen Blake Planning, Design and Construction
Lynn Boyd College of Business
Jennifer Brueckner-Collins School of Medicine
Barbara Clark Graduate School
Mary DeLetter School of Nursing
Gail DePuy JB Speed School of Engineering
Karen Chandler College of Arts & Sciences (7/1-12/31/20)
Linda Fuselier College of Arts & Sciences
Seana Golder Kent School of Social Work
Aimee Greene Delphi Center for Teaching and Learning
Andrew Grubb Staff Senate
Meg Hancock College of Education & Human Development
Margaret Hill School of Dentistry
Vicki Hines-Martin Community Engagement and Diversity Inclusion
Bruce Keisling Belknap Library
Eugene Mueller Faculty Senate
Alyssa Murphy Athletics
David Owen College of Arts & Sciences
Gale Rhodes Delphi Center for Teaching and Learning
Lars Smith School of Law
Rebecca Stahl University Counsel
Katherine Stevenson Information Technology Services
Vida Vaughn HSC Library
Krista Wallace-Boaz School of Music

Safe Return to Work Committee


Member Unit
Kevin Gardner Executive Vice President for Research and Innovation
Phil Bressoud Campus Health Services
Lale Akca Clinical Trials Unit
Forest Arnold Infectious Diseases
Craig Blakely School of Public Health and information Sciences
William Johnson Infectious Diseases
Rachel Keith Environmental Health Institute
Dave King University Counsel
Paul McKinney School of Public Health and Information Sciences
Kenneth Palmer Pharmacology and Toxicology
Rachel Sheppard Clinical Trials Unit
Ted Smith Environmental Health Institute
Katherine Stevenson Information Technology Services