Copyright Guidelines and Resources

Online Learning

Much like teaching in the classroom, teaching in blended or fully online courses might make use of a variety of materials ranging from readings, photographs, and images to videos, films, and other recorded performances disseminated in a number of formats. Using these types of materials in course management systems such as Blackboard at UofL affects reproduction, distribution, public performance and public display rights unless the instructor links directly to the materials. The conditions for using these materials in Blackboard is sometimes like using the materials in the classroom and sometimes dramatically different from that activity.

Assessing possibilities for lawfully using copyrighted materials in Blackboard requires learning more about some exceptions in copyright law and understanding alternative strategies in order to avoid copyright concerns:

  1. Fair use (Section 107 in the copyright statute)
  2. TEACH Act (Section 110(2))
  3. Securing permission
  4. Linking directly to the materials
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