Cardiovascular Innovation Institute

Since opening its doors in 2007, the Cardiovascular Innovation Institute (CII) at the University of Louisville has focused on the discovery, research, development, and implementation of innovative treatments for cardiovascular disease. Our main goal is to foster a world-class collaborative, integrated, multi-disciplinary enterprise encompassing basic, translational, clinical, and population research in cardiovascular disease, which affects individuals throughout their entire lifespan, from pre-natal life to death. This is also the goal of the National Institutes of Health and has been identified as the most important area of medical research for the next decade.  


The Cardiovascular Innovation Institute (CII) is an established research enterprise created to understand the mechanisms of heart, peripheral vascular, and microcirculatory disease. The mission of the CII is to improve lives through world-class cardiovascular research, scientific discovery, and new enterprise creation.
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The CII enables students, faculty, and staff to make lasting contributions to medical and biological research, create new knowledge, and develop new technologies. We are committed to the education and training of the next generation of clinicians and researchers. 
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The Institute represents a multi-disciplinary research program. The goal of the program is to address critical clinical problems in a cardiovascular disease, to conduct research, to translate this research from the bench to the bedside, and to support commercialization of discoveries. 
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The CII uses gifts to provide funding for the latest advancements in research, to attract and retain the best minds, and to expand laboratory facilities.
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