Cardiovascular Research

The CII is a state-of-the-art research institute. Our unique integrated structure promotes a rapid clinical problem-solving process – and the intellectual property generated through innovative research stays here – in Louisville. Generating not only revolutionary advances in medical technology, but also spurring economic growth through the creation of new businesses sets the CII apart as a new standard for innovation. While the primary focus of the CII is to find new solutions to treat diseased and damaged heart muscle, many of our discoveries apply to the entire vascular system, including: new treatments for peripheral artery disease, diabetes, inflammation and more. This complete system approach positions the institute as an essential partner for other scientists and collaborators, including the U of L Health Sciences Campus, Speed School of Engineering and other industry partners around the world, who may not have the resources to examine the full complexities of cardiovascular functions.

Program Highlights:

  • Developing treatments to reconstitute blood vessels
  • Using high resolution ultrasound to measure heart structure
  • Design, development, and testing of artificial organ systems
  • Using nanotechnology and bio-mimicking for new biomaterials
  • Developing therapeutic methods and diagnostic capabilities
  • Creating new products from discovery to market release