Anna M. Gumpert, Ph.D.

Multi-Organ Toxicology Research Interest Group Member


Assistant Professor of Medicine
Director, Pathology & Microscopy Core
Institute of Molecular Cardiology
Dept. of Medicine/Cardiology
Dr. Gumpert’s research interests focus on studying early signaling markers of cardiovascular distress and cardiopulmonary disease, and on developing novel strategies to limit injury to heart and vasculature and promote regeneration and repair. The lab is currently studying basic mechanisms of cardiac remodeling and structural alterations during stress and injury, exploring changes in cellular and molecular signaling in a developing and regenerating myocardium, as well as elucidating the contributions of extracellular vesicles on maintenance and repair of vasculature.

Research Keywords: Cardiovascular disease, fibrosis, hypertension, adrenergic signaling, extracellular vesicles, inflammation

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