Marshall Center Training Facility & Trager Field Hockey Stadium and Press Box

Building Name: Marshall Center Training Facility, Trager Field Hockey Stadium & Press Box

Building No.: 076E, 076C

Square Footage: 17,470; 275

No. of Stories: 2

Year of Construction: 2008

Primary Use:

Field Hockey stadium with seating capacity of 1,500 spectators. Training facility for men’s and women’s Olympic sport teams.


The Marshall Center is the training headquarters for U of L's 21 Olympic sport programs- servicing over 375 student-athletes. The state-of-the- art facility sits in the heart of U of L’s world-class facilities at Cardinal Park. The two-level structure boasts over 9,500 square feet of training space for up to 100 athletes at any given time. Office space for Field Hockey coaches and staff.