Undergraduate Research Training Program in Molecular Anthropology

The Training Program

This program is designed to train undergraduate students in the methods of molecular anthropology.

Availability of Positions

One or two positions will generally be  open for any given academic period (spring, summer, fall).  The duration of the research program is 12-14 weeks.  The weekly attendance is ~4-6 hours.

Training Activities

Laboratory practices cover a wide range of genetic techniques (e.g. DNA extractions, PCR, cloning, Gel electrophoresis, DNA sequencing).

How to analyze results and genetic database searching techniques (NCBI-GenBank, BLAST searches, etc).

Reading related articles and participation in MAPS Group meetings.

How to Apply

Write a letter of intent and submit it to Dr. Tillquist either via email or hardcopy. This letter will allow me to assess whether you are likely to be selected for a position for a specific academic term.  In this letter you must:

  1. Explain how your research interests are compatible with those of the MAPS Group.
  2. Outline any past research experience you may have.
  3. State your professional or career goals.
  4. Submit a resume or curriculum vitae which highlights your major academic and research-related accomplishments.