Dr. Julie Peteet publishes new book "Space and Mobility in Palestine"

Peteet’s work sheds new light on everyday life in the Occupied Territories and helps explain why regional peace may be difficult to achieve in the foreseeable future.

Based on several years of fieldwork in the occupied Palestinian West Bank, Dr. Peteet’s book,  Space and Mobility in Palestine (2017 Indiana University Press), locates the concept of mobility as the key to understanding how place and space act as forms of power, identity and meaning among Palestinians under Israeli occupation. She investigates how Israeli policies of closure and separation influence  Palestinians concerns about constructing identities and the ability to give meaning to place, and how Palestinians comprehend, experience, narrate and respond to Israeli settler-colonialism.  The book explores the use of enclosure, entrapment, the wall, checkpoints which severely constrict mobility, and separation as forming a distinct form of colonial control.