My study abroad trips to Portugal were life changing. I still have vivid memories of the refreshing ocean breeze, and I can still taste the bacalhau. That trip opened my mind to new experiences. I was not only visiting tourist sites but also experiencing Portuguese culture. I was in the middle of it. I was riding trains, going to the grocery, and speaking the language. I probably know more of Portugal than any other country, including the one I come from, Bolivia. During the summer program we got to experience larger cities, like Lisbon and Porto, but also smaller towns, like Miranda do Douro. I got to experience the difference in culture within the same country, something I would not have been able to accomplish outside of the program. This program not only opened my eyes to travel but taught me to be a better traveler. It taught me to look beyond the tourist traps and into the heart of each place I visit.  Something I discovered about myself during both if my trips to Portugal is my love for languages. I was already bilingual, and Portuguese would be my third language. Being immersed in it, challenging my brain in that way, I developed greater confidence in speaking in general, but in particular speaking three different languages.  I now work as a Spanish Interpreter, and while I don't get to use much Portuguese, I give some credit to my experience in Portugal for helping me realize speaking different languages for a living is something I love.