Every opportunity I have had to travel abroad has been illuminating. My experience in Portugal was just that, but also challenged me in ways I had never experienced. Some time has passed since my month spent traveling in Portugal, yet I recall my experience vividly and often. Although it ends up I would never need the language credits for a BFA that I earned from studying Portuguese, I realize that without taking those classes and having the opportunity to travel with Dr. Parkhurst, I would not be who I am and where I am today. That summer semester was one of the most challenging semesters I have experienced. Every moment was an opportunity to learn about the culture, traditions, and everyday life of unique and complex country. Dr. Parkhurst taught me to see interactions, behaviors, and ways of living that I never would have even noticed. This way of seeing has translated into my art, my profession and my everyday life. I feel that it has informed my understanding of how I fit into this world. The shared experiences with my classmates, professors and local Portuguese were not only memorable and meaningful, but had a significant impact on my awareness of life and self. I don't think the insight I gained through this experience would have been possible if not for the academic structure and the leadership of our professors. My summer semester spent in Portugal is a moment in my life that I am grateful to have experienced and will never forget.