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Faculty Learning Communities
bring educators together to innovate and build community.


Faculty Learning Communities

Looking to build cross-disciplinary networks with other UofL faculty who are interested in investigating teaching and learning innovations?

2019 Faculty Learning Commmunities

Registration deadline for 2019 FLCs has passed.

What is a Faculty Learning Community (FLC)?

A faculty learning community (FLC) is a cross-disciplinary cohort of 8-12 faculty who engage in a collaborative yearlong program to ask questions about teaching and learning, explore teaching innovations, assess the impact on student learning, and present and publish scholarship about their work.

What is the time commitment to participate?

Most FLCs meet monthly during the academic year for 2-3 hours per session, but session length and frequency vary by topic. Typically, each participant selects a project related to the topic to explore with the goal of disseminating learning at the conclusion of the FLC. Between sessions, participants read selected resources independently and share information related to the topic with the group.

What is the benefit of participating?

Most FLC participants report that the experience of collaborating with other faculty, across disciplinary boundaries, on topics of shared interest is stimulating and refreshing. Many develop new projects and research collaborations as a result. Others report gaining greater confidence and experiencing greater enjoyment as teachers.

What have other FLC participants said about their experience?