Summer Term at the University of Lousiville, Enrollment is open

Enrollment is open to current, new, transfer or visiting UofL students.

Please speak with your advisor to ensure you register for classes in your degree plan..


Need to fulfill your GenEds? Have a major course that always fills in the Fall? Do Summer! Choose from over 1,200 on-campus or online courses in nearly every discipline and program. Select your course by accessing the Schedule of Classes at

Priority Registration Start Dates

  • March 27 – Graduate Students
  • March 28 – Post-Baccalaureate and Seniors
  • March 29 – Juniors
  • March 30 – Sophomores
  • April 2 – Sophomores
  • April 3 – Freshmen
  • April 4 – Freshmen
  • April 5 – Special Undergraduates (Students currently enrolled in Continuing Studies)

Open Registration Date

  • April 6 – All Groups


Select your course by accessing the Schedule of Classes at

For registration questions, contact the Office of the Registrar at or 502.852.6522.

Drop/Add Dates*

*The last day to register is also the last day to delete a course from your record. After that date, a grade of “W” is assigned for all withdrawals.

Current Students

New or Transfer Students

  • If you want to take summer courses at UofL as a new, readmitted or transfer, you will need to complete an application for admission. Please apply early to ensure there is enough time to process your application. Based on your qualifications, you can apply to an undergraduate or graduate program (see application instructions under Visiting Students).

Visiting or Returning Students

  • If you are currently attending other institutions or have graduated from UofL and are interested in taking summer courses at UofL as a visiting student, you will need to complete an application for admission and indicate that you will be a “non-degree” student. Visit
  • Please apply early to ensure there is enough time to process your application.

How to Apply

Undergraduate students:

  1. Visit undergraduate application page
  2. Submit application and $25 application fee

Graduate students:

  1. Contact the Graduate Program of interest to determine eligibility for the course or degree program
  2. Submit the graduate application at
  3. Pay the $65 graduate application fee
  4. Provide a visiting student letter/and or official transcript (sent directly from the home school) to Graduate Admissions. Degree seeking students will need to submit all required program documents.
  5. Visiting students will not need to provide letters of recommendation
  6. The graduate program will make the admission decision and notify Graduate Admissions
  7. The Office of Graduate Admissions will process the admit, so that the student may register for summer courses

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Cost - Tuition Rates

For on-campus and online tuition rates, visit

Note: Online courses are charged at a different hourly rate than regular courses. Students are charged in full for online courses according to those rates even if taking a full-time course load. Tuition rates do not include costs associated with a specific course or program, such as textbooks.


Financial Aid

For information regarding financial aid, please contact UofL’s office ( at 502.852.5511 or

For details regarding the financial aid application process, visit

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During summer term, students will have access to most online and on-campus services and resources though potentially on a limited schedule. Students are encouraged to plan ahead and identify the resources they need to meet the accelerated deadlines of Summer Term.

Student Support & Services

We hope you'll join us this summer and take advantage of this great opportunity!