Full Heart Farm (Fisherville, KY) - Sells granola, breads, jams, and honey.

Golden Drop Honey (Louisville, KY) - has honey collected from hives in Cave Hill Cemetery and Billy Goal Hill Community Garden. They also sell fresh pollen.

Good Family Farms (Frankfort, KY) - NEW! Good Family Farms sells a variety of produce and herbs.

Granny's Delights(Bardstown, KY) - Has vegetables, baked goods, and canned goods.

Green Farm (Prospect, KY) - Sells vegetables and lunch items.

Gypsy Ridge Farms (Cambellsburg, IN) - Sells fruits, vegetables, and maple syrup.

Hensley Homegrown (Laconia, IN) - NEW! Hensley Homegrown has antibiotic and hormone free beef, chicken, pork, lamb, rabbit, bison, frog legs, duck and goat and free range eggs.

Jackson's Produce (Borden, IN) - Offers a variety of fruits and vegetables.

 Lowe Creek Farm (Louisville, KY) – Has fruits, vegetables, stevia, herbs, and apple butter.

Mr. G's Kettle Corn (Louisville, KY) - Sells fresh, locally made kettle corn.

Simon Says Mushrooms (Bagdad, KY) sells 10 different species of gourmet quality mushrooms including shiitake and oyster mushrooms.

Summer Shade Soap Company (Louisville, KY) – Offers soaps, scrubs, salves, dog soap, lotions, lip balms, laundry butter and sap pouches.

Wild Carrot Farm (Shelby County, KY) - has a variety of produce with an emphasis on hot peppers and heirloom tomatoes. They also have a line of savory products including Hot Pepper Butter and Black Market Chipotle Hot Sauce.

Food Trucks
Two food trucks set up at the market each week. Click here see the schedule.

  • Boo Boo Smoke Shack - Sells barbeque pulled pork sandwiches, hotlinks, tacos, loaded tatter tots, and chicken wings.
  • Boss Hog's BBQ- Specializes in everything barbeque. The menu includes chicken, pork, rip tips, ribs, chili dogs, nachos, and side items.
  • Chef Maria's Greek Deli - Sells salads, Mediterranean bowls, pitas, tzatziki, hummus, feta, baklava, and hot lunches including curried chicken with rice, chicken fajita pasta, spaghetti meatballs, elbow macaroni with cheese and Italian sausage.
  • Holy Mole - Is a taco truck specializing in Mexican street food flavors, local produce, vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options.
  • Kentucky Taco Company - Sells a variety of tacos such as roasted pork, fried chicken mac and beer cheese, and sloppy vegan. Other items include hot brown chimichangas, sides, and drinks.
  • Lil Cheezers - Sells gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches, sides, and drinks.
  • Pollo- Serves chicken, pork, and beef tacos, quesadilla, nachos, and gyros, along with side items and drinks.
  • Red Top Gourmet Dogs - Has grass-fed beef hotdogs, local bison hotdogs, local Wolf's pork sausages, organic chicken sausage, as well as truffle parmesan kettle chips and root beer on tap.
  • The Celtic Pig – Serves up a Kentucky twist on Celtic favorites like Scotch eggs, bangers and mash, and haggis, along with Kentucky BBQ standards like pulled pork, brisket, and homemade sides.

Lunch Vendors
These two lunch vendors will be sharing one space at the farmers market and alternating weeks to ensure a variety of lunch options are available for customers.Click here see the schedule.

  • Flavor You Can SavorNEW! - Sells healthy lunch options made with seasonal market produce. The menu includes wraps, soups, sandwiches, gluten free desserts, and healthy side items.
  • Delecta Bites NEW! - Offers cold sandwiches with a variety of meats, cheeses, and vegetables, salads, sides (e.g. pasta salad, hummus, etc.) and desserts.

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