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Program Highlights

Justin YatesJanuary 10, 2018: Justin Yates, PhD, is the 2018 recipient of the B. F. Skinner Foundation New Researcher Award in the area of basic research. Dr. Yates, an assistant professor in the Department of Psychological Science at NKU, has been working in experimental analysis of behavior. He is currently a KBRIN-IDeA Pilot Research Awardee. He has been invited to speak at this year’s convention of the American Psychological Association in San Francisco, CA (August 9-12).

Arlinghous and BahnsenNovember, 2017: Kandis Arlinghaus and Morgan Bahnsen, were awardees at the recent Kentucky Academy of Science Annual Meeting in the areas of Health Sciences and Cellular & Molecular Biology, respectively. Both were participants in the 2017 KBRIN Summer Undergraduate Biomedical Research Program. Watch videos about their research and experiences

Austin Parker, Ohio State, newly publishedNovember, 2017: 2016 KBRIN Summer Undergraduate Biomedical Research Program participant Austin Parker is to be published in a peer-reviewed publication. With mentor and co-author Dr. Michal Hetman, their paper "Ribosomal stress and Tp53-mediated neuronal apoptosis in response to capsid protein of the Zika virus" will be published in Scientific Reports - Nature. Austin describes his research and program experiences in this video.

lili maSeptember 21, 2017: NSF Award: Lili Ma, PhD, Associate Professor of Chemistry at NKU and past KBRIN IDeA Awardee has received a three-year $242,979 grant for her research work, “Unusual Oxidation and Domino Reactions via Palladium-catalyzed alpha-Heteroarylation of Ketones.” Read announcement on NKU website.

juw Won ParkSeptember 13, 2017: NIH R15 Awarded to Juw Won Park, PhD for his project "Detecting and characterizing circular RNA's using high-throughput sequencing data." Dr. Park serves on the KBRIN Bioinformatics Core Staff as the RNA sequencing analysis specialist.

Janelle Hare, PhD, MoSUAug 9, 2017: KBRIN-funded Dr. Janelle Hare, biology professor at Morehead State University was honored with the Distinguished Researcher award at Morehead State University. Read more


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JOURNAL CLUB SCHEDULE (Thursdays at noon unless noted)

November 16, 2017 at 2pm: Guest speaker, Jae Yeon Hwang, from University of Utah. Dr. Hwang will present "Analysis of mRNA Cleavage by RelE Using Ribosome Profiling". 2pm at Clinical and Translational Research building (CTR), Room 102

November 18, 2017: KBRIN NIH R15 Grant Writing Workshop, University of Louisville, Health Sciences Campus, Clinical Translational Research Building (CTR), Room 124 More information. Registration Deadline in November 3. Register online


JAN 12, 2018: Deadline for proposals, for KBRIN Investigator Development Awards (IDeA) and for KBRIN Bridge Funding Awards Application

JAN 15, 2018: Preferred submission date for KBRIN Faculty Start-Up Awards


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February 12, 2018: Application deadline for the 2018 KBRIN Summer Undergraduate Biomedical Research Program. Learn more and application link.


Investigators preparing R15 applications to NIH should first explore the NIH R15 (AREA) website

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Research Spotlight

NIH R15 ($400,000+) Dr. Noah Ashley, WKU Assistant Professor, was awarded over $400,000 for his research project "Sympathetic Regulation of Inflammation from Sleep Fragmentation."

NSF (5 years, $950,000+)He received an NSF research grant to study how arctic songbirds in Alaska have adapted to diminished sleep patterns and how that might help in the understanding of sleep loss in humans.

Read More About Dr. Ashley


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S.E. Regional IDeA Opportunities

View workshops, conferences, speakers and ways to connect with other researchers available from area INBRE states