New Process for “Regular” Part-Time Faculty

Effective August 15, 2006

Our office has worked with the Part-Time Faculty Subcommittee of the Faculty Senate and Human Resources to try to provide better services for those individuals who regularly teach courses on a part-time basis for our students. Following is some background information and procedures that will better serve our part-time faculty and alleviate a little work for those staff that must process the paperwork to get these individuals hired.


Under current procedures, part-time faculty who reach two or three semesters per year must be hired and re-hired each term. Your UBMs or other office personnel are aware of this because they must input the information into PeopleSoft each term. In addition, once part-time faculty reach the terminal date of their contract in a given term, they are dropped from the system and thus are unable to utilize e-mail, Blackboard, SAC privileges (e.g., use of the recreational facilities) and library privileges. These privileges are reinstated once they are re-hired for the next term. This has been a long-standing issue with most of our part-timers and has created some problems with student grades, etc.

New Process

Working with Payroll and other offices within HR, we now have created a new pay group (termed L-11) into which we can place those part-time faculties who teach two or more semesters during the year. The L-11 pay group will now retain those privileges previously lost during semester breaks. In addition, they will not need to be “rehired” in the second semester, thereby saving some work for office personnel.

Your office should send the ‘annual contract’ (the standard form available on-line) and the Job Data Change (JDC) form to the Provost’s Office for Faculty Personnel for approval and forwarding to Payroll. Payroll will not process these without a signature from the Provost’s Office.

Eligibility for the L-11 pay group

Part-time faculties who have taught at least one year at UofL will be issued an ‘annual contract’ indicating projected teaching assignments for the fall and spring semesters (and summer if applicable). These faculties will be placed in the L-11 pay group.

Health Benefits Option

Those part-time faculties who teach at least 2 course per semester (0.40 FTE) have the option of buying into one of UofL’s health care packages. UofL will contribute the annual equivalent of $94 per month for 12 months toward that coverage.  The university contribution actually will be made over 10 months (August – May) at $112.80 per month). Current coverage is for 10 months only. L-11s can enroll in the health plan at open enrollment or when they are hired.