Registering for courses offered via the CITI platform

HIPAA training courses have migrated to Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI).  (


As of March 18, 2015, the human subjects course has been combined with the HIPAA-Research course and the certification period, upon successful completion has been extended to 4 years.  Results from CITI will be transferred to iRIS, via interface link.


As of March 18, 2015, the University of Louisville is utilizing the CITI Platform to provide the following training:

  • Human Subjects
    • Social Behavioral (includes HIPAA-Research)
    • Biomedical (includes HIPAA-Research)
    • Undergraduates
  • Responsible Conduct of Research (all disciplines now in one course)
  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Institutional Compliance Awareness
  • HIPAA (non-research aspects)
  • Export Controls
  • IACUC: OSHA Renewal

This document provides instruction for both new registrants and individuals with existing CITI accounts.

If you have questions regarding HIPAA training, please email or call 852-3803.

For assistance with CITI training call 502-852-2454.