Covered Entity Status

The following determinations have been made by the University of Louisville regarding the schools, departments, affiliated institutes and centers, and business units that are in the health care component (HCC) of the University of Louisville hybrid entity (HE).

If your school, department, affiliated institute or center, or business unit is not listed below, you are not considered to be part of the health care component of the UofL HE at this time.  To access protected health information (PHI) from a covered entity (including those within UofL’s hybrid entity or other covered entities such as University Hospital), you will be required to meet an exception to the HIPAA Privacy Rule, such as obtaining a HIPAA-compliant authorization or an IRB approved waiver of authorization.

DepartmentEntity StatusJustification
Schools of Dentistry and Medicine and affiliated Institutes and CentersInside the HCCAll three schools are considered part of the covered entity.  This designation includes Campus Health on both campuses.
School of Nursing and affiliated Institutes and CentersOutside the HCC
Audit Services, Environmental Health and Safety, Information Technology, BenefitsInside the HCCAudit Services, Environmental Health and Safety, Information Technology, and the subdivisions of Human Resources (e.g., Benefits) which process PHI associated with the employee benefit plans are included within the health care component of the UofL hybrid entity.
University Archives and RecordsInside the HCCThe portion of this department holding medical records is included within the covered entity.
Institutional Review Board (IRB)Outside the HCC
Psychological Services CenterOutside the HCC
AthleticsOutside the HCCUofL Athletic Association is a separate legal entity and cannot be a part of the UofL hybrid entity.

College of Education and Human Development:

Learning Improvement Center and Exercise Physiology Program, Health Promotion Center, and Health Promotion Program within the Department of Health and Sports Sciences
Outside the HCC


Last Revised August 15, 2014